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Gutter Guards: The Gutter Helmet

The Gutter Helmet can be installed directly over existing gutters and will not require removal of old water dispersal systems. There are no filters, grates or meshes used with the Gutter Helmet, so no clogging even remotely possible. Maintenance is virtually non-existent. The Gutter Helmet essentially extends the slope of your roof, allowing water to roll over your gutters.

The Helmet has a ribbed surface and is coated in a PermaLite finish. This causes water tension to be intensified. When water rolls off shingles and onto the Helmet, it is attracted to the Helmet. Thus, when the Helmet curves down and back under itself into the gutter, water (which sticks to the Helmet like water does to a glass that is slowly being tipped) goes right into the gutter and not off the side of your house. Debris that has been on the roof, such as leaves and pine needles are not able to fit into the Helmet’s opening and do not have the property of water tension. Therefore, they simply roll right off the roof. What is also key to the Gutter Helmet that avoids clogs and the necessity of regular cleaning is its horizontal opening. Without any holes that go straight down, few things can fall into the Gutter Helmet and stop its functionality.

As you add gutter protection, find out more about construction and contractors from the National Association of the Remodeling Industry.