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Solid Gutter Covers: Gutter Guards

Besides mesh and metal-grate covers, solid gutter covers are probably the simplest form of gutter protection you can have installed in your home. They essentially are aluminum (or other material) sheets of metal that cover your gutter, parallel to the angle of your roof. There is a vertical or nearly-vertical slit along the length of the cover that allows water in. The cover is inserted under the last shingle of the roof, so no water or debris can enter until the opening.

If working properly, the gutter cover will block debris from entering the gutter while sending water in. The cover usually extends after the opening and comes over the lip of the gutter. This will encourage debris to fall off the side and not go into the small opening, which is usually no wider than a centimeter. While some clogging might occur and some debris might become lodged in the opening, the amount of maintenance that will be required is very little compared to a gutter with not protection whatsoever.

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