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Gutter Protection: Lock-On / Drop-In

The Lock-On and Drop-In systems are very similar, with the main difference being how they are attached to your gutters. They are simply a series of metal grates that are put over gutters to block debris from entering your gutters and causing clogs and leaks in downspouts.

The Lock-On system is made from heavy gauge galvanized steel mesh and is sold in 4-foot lengths. It comes with a series of clamps which lock the mesh onto the lip of the gutter. It can be bought by consumers and installed by them, but often it is a job best left to a professional who will be better equipped to install the system correctly the first time and not damage your gutters. Orders of the Lock-On system are usually in the form of 25 4-foot sections.

The Drop-In system is a slightly simpler version of the Lock-On system. The Drop-In is simply placed in the gutter and wedged under the edge of shingles that come to end of gutters. Sliding under the shingle is an easy form of installation, but you still may wish to consult with a contractor. Clips are available to secure the Drop-In system intermittently to the outer lip of the gutter.

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