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Gutter Guards: The Leaf Filter

The Leaf Filter is one of the more expensive types of Gutter Helmets that are available, but also represents some of the best in filtration technology available. It uses a XELA FilterShield, which is essentially a membrane that is stretched tight over the Leaf Filter and allows only water through. The entire Filter is made from stainless steel and will not corrode or rust.

The Leaf Filter has been tested to block any particle which is larger than 5/1000 of an inch. It is installed over existing gutters and allows only water molecules through the XELA FilterShield. During rainfall, was water hits your roof and rolls down the shingles, it hits the membrane and seeps through. It then encounters a number of rivulets with small holes in them to further ensure that particles have not traveled through the membrane somehow. The Leaf Filter is designed to protect from leaves, seed pods, pine needles, and even sand.

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