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Gutter Guards and the Rain Handler

The Rain Handler is not actually a gutter guard, but an alternative to gutters. Rather than attempt to collect water and channel it to a spot on the ground, the Rain Handler attempts to disperse water harmlessly in a wide area around your home. Invented by an M.I.T. aeronautical engineer, it could be considered an anti-gutter.

The Rain Handler is installed where gutters would normally be. When rainwater rushes down the shingles of a house, it hits the Handler and is re-directed into the air in the form of many droplets. It is sprayed two to four feet from a home and will not put excess water onto a lawn or garden. There is little to no maintenance required for the Rain Handler, as it should never clog and is not designed to collect anything. No downspouts or drains are necessary. Doorbrellas, which are modified awnings combined with the Rain Handler are designed to minimize spray directly beneath and are for use above doorways. Gutters are recommended for some corners where spray might put water back on a roof. The Rain handler comes with a 25 year warranty.

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