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Gutter Guards and Accessories

One of the more innovative products that can help keep your gutter clear of debris is the Gutter Wedge. This is simply a hollow plastic wedge about a foot long and the width of a gutter. It has many small holes and grates all over its surface, which water can enter but debris is usually too small to. It is inserted into a gutter over a downspout. There is a small extrusion or drain which is inserted into the downspout. It will not stop debris from entering your gutter, so cleaning will still be necessary from time to time. However, it will help with downspout clogging.

Rain Drain

This is a product which helps stop erosion and flooding from excess water pouring out of downspouts. It is essentially a vinyl pouch with many small holes in it. It is inserted at the end of a downspout and begins to fill with water as rain runs through the gutters. When it has filled completely, pressure causes water to spray from tiny holes throughout the pouch. The streams of water shoot far enough (in a 3-foot radius) to avoid erosion and runoff.


Strainers are very much like the Wedge, but a bit simpler. They are balls of wire mesh, made from aluminum, galvanized steel, PVC or copper. There is usually an opening at one end, which is placed in a gutter over the entrance to a downspout. The goal of Strainers is also to prevent downspout clogs, albeit in a cheaper and simpler manner.